Meeting Minutes

Southeast Elementary PTO Meeting

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Co-President Janet Irlmeier.

Members present: Sarah Barthole, Jessica Van Winkle, Lindsey Haley, Nicole Beck, Lauren DeVries, Carrie Woerdeman, Joy DeJong, Molly Egeberg, Hollie Smith, Lori Kiene, Jen Burke, Jessica Moeller, Lisa Little, Lacy Hepp, Janet Irlmeier, Tara Owen, Laura Hutzell, Sara Palmer

Introduction of Board Members: Lacy Hepp, Janet Irlmeier, Sarah Barthole, Jessica Van Winkle, Lindsey Haley, Sara Palmer. Introduction of attendees.

Principal Time: Tara Owen thanked everyone for adjusting to new faces at the building and thanked us for the warm welcome as the new Principal of Southeast. Parents have approached about the new building door policies and working together to come up with solutions for kids. She welcomes feedback. School supplies were dropped off at desks for the PTO school supply purchase and she was thankful for everyone who worked hard to make this happen. Thank you for the kickoff lunch for the teachers/staff on the meet the teacher night day. The hydration stations are on order. PTO purchased 2 last year. One will go by the gym and one by the library on the SW side. Students are allowed to bring water bottles to be filled at these stations. Amazon gift cards of $100 were given to teachers. This summer there was new paint and carpet installed all over the school.

Discussed Amazon wish lists for Teachers at the school. Asking teachers to setup accounts and have parents buy through the Southeast PTO Amazon Smile Account.

One General Education Associate Position open. Please see Tara with questions on this opening.

Teacher Time: Joy DeJong – on a committee for parent engagement/outreach and want to partner with the PTO

Treasurers Report was given by Treasurer Sara Palmer. We are hoping for $10,000 from the fundraiser for this year. We are focusing this year on literature and other improvements.

Sarah Barthole made a motion to approve the Treasurers Report and Laura Hutzell seconded the motion.

Old Business See water bottle station info in Principal Time

New Business Discussion on bathroom wall decals – on a pause because we need permission to paint and put quote decals on the bathroom doors with vinyl letters. Need permission from Operations. We will need volunteers to come and help paint the bathrooms once approved. Vinyl letters and Quotes are approved and are 16x16 is $16 with colors and fonts25x16 is $21. It was suggested to pick quotes from books and/or have students vote on the quotes. Students from each area or Pod will pick the sayings for their bathrooms.

Yard signs: Our old yard signs need replaced. $70 to get new signs. Sarah Barthole motioned to buy the signs. Sara Palmer seconded.

Superhero Run – October 19th: Sarah Barthole is leading the efforts for the fundraiser. It will be our one fund raiser for the year for the PTO. Lauren and Laura are also helping. This will support literacy efforts and school enhancements. We are looking to do donations online and looking for help in an online site to raise funds. Have fun things for hitting goals. Will do online and paper donations. We are ordering bibs for the race and having the students decorate them. Students can do sharpies or stickers to decorate their bibs. There is a website to get free bibs that Lisa Little is going to provide. We will ask for donations for water. We would need cones to mark the laps. There might be an obstacle area that they are allowed to do with a certain donation amount. There will be bubbles at the end. We are going to try and get music going with a DJ. A signup genius will be setup for volunteers. If a certain amount is raised they can earn something. It was suggested to track the progress of each classroom with a chart in the halls. Might do capes as an award or sell them.

We need a Silly String Fundraiser Coordinator for this year. Lisa Little volunteered.

Next meeting is October 2nd.

Lindsey Haley motioned to adjourn at 8:03 – Sara Palmer seconded.