Meeting Minutes

Southeast Elementary PTO Meeting

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 7:00 PM

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM by Co-President Amanda Luna.

Members Present: Amanda Luna, Janet Irlmeier, Jessica Duffy, Laura Hutzell, Lauren Devries, Nichole Thomas, Jessica Van Winkle, Lacy Hepp, Ben Muller and Laura Ryan

November Minutes Reviewed: Jessica Duffy made a motion to approve the November minutes. Motion seconded by Amanda Luna.

Principal Time: Mr. Muller

Mr. Muller had a meeting about the ELL students that currently attend SE. 52 students total. The common goal is to make them successful. Southeast has one staff member, Laurel Quinn, who helps these students. It is a challenge but staff has done a great job meeting these students’ needs.

Teacher Time: 5th Grade “Thank You Lunch Ladies & Custodians” Ideas

It was suggested that the hospitality committee be in charge of this as well as the 5th graders who volunteered to help. Some other ideas that were brought up were to feature these staff members in the Proud video. Also to celebrate the lunch ladies during National Hot Lunch week, which would be October 15-19 2018.

The group agreed to defer to next meeting to discuss more in detail when more people were in attendance and to discuss coming up with a banner to make.

Treasury Report: Kelly Heuton, Treasurer Absent. Janet Irlmeier gave report.

Pros/Cons of PTO Debit Card- Group felt Kelly needed to be present to give her input. Will defer to next meeting.

Income: We received PayPal and Wells Fargo contributions during the month from the Fall Fundraiser. Total Income for the Carnival was just over $4,000. Most expenses in November were related to the Carnival. Lisa Thomas bought some equipment for the maker space using JD funds. Still has just about $600 to spend. The mini-spheros she originally ordered didn’t work with the Chromebooks so she returned them and is planning to buy full size Spheros but won’t have enough money to buy enough spheros for a whole class. **Mr. Muller was going to check to see how much these cost to see if PTO could use some fundraiser money to purchase more** Kelly renewed MoneyMinder which is the program she uses. That is good until December 2018.  Kelly also wrote a check for Spirit Wear. Lacy will pay when she picks up. Profit was just over $350. Spent $150 on printing order forms so actual profit was $200.  Have not received check from November Wendy’s night. Approval of table purchases for events: We have enough money to purchase tables to use during PTO events. All voted in favor of purchasing 3 tables.

Old Business: Carnival Results

The Fall Carnival had great attendance. Some suggestions that were made for next year’s carnival are: Stop Carnival at 8 pm, instead of 8:30 pm; clarify on order form that children 2 and under are free; No alcohol in auction baskets; Not have hot dogs. Stick with pizza and figure out a way ahead of time how many pizzas we need to order to avoid the long wait time for pizza delivery. Thank You’s still need to be written out ASAP to businesses who donated anything to the Carnival.

New Business: Spirit Night Planning: Shelly Johnson

Shelly was not present at meeting but had sent an email stating it was January 16th 6:15 pm. Kids are free. Some ideas she has were to have students make a tunnel before game. Have any high school players who previously attended SE come to the Southeast Gym that morning for a pep rally, free popcorn for students, kids shoot baskets at halftime.

Open Floor:

New Wendy’s night: January 22nd

It was asked that parents be reminded of the car line rules. Parents should not be getting out of their cars. The purpose of the drop off line is that students be dropped off quickly and safely. Smoking is prohibited on school grounds.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:04 pm. Minutes Taken by: Janet Irlmeier​


Southeast Elementary PTO Meeting

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Co-President Amanda Luna.

Members present: Amanda Luna, Mark Madetzke, Jessica Van Winkle, Emma Owenson, Ben Muller, Lisa Thomas, Laura Hutzell, Lindsey Haley, Nicole Beck, Kelly Hochstetler, Lauren DeVries, Janet Irlmeier, Sara Palmer, Lacy Hepp, Kellie Keenan, Jessica Sherwood.

Presentation of John Deere check $1,250 for technology purchases in library: Mark Madetzke, Manager of Program Management.

Reviewed October minutes.  Janet Irlmeier made a motion to approve the October minutes. Motion seconded by Lacy Hepp.

Principal Time: Mr. Muller

Mrs. DeJong acknowledged by Channel 13 as a Golden Apple Award winner. Presentation was given on November 6. It will be aired next Friday.

Mr. Muller explained PLC Plus Days – student evaluation process.

Met with Dr. Adams to talk about improvements at Southeast. Library renovation in Summer 2018. New playground equipment will replace the older pieces in Summer 2018. They also plan to remodel the office space to make secretary space more user friendly and welcoming.

Update on PBIS behavior management plan. Catch our kids being positive – reward system. Making sure kids know why their being acknowledged. If they are corrected for misbehavior, they are redirected rather than disciplined. The reward system has evolved over the six years from circus tickets to ‘big tickets’. Other things we do: Wall of Pride, Proud video. Acknowledge individual students and groups of students. Tier 1 – positive reinforcement, Tier 2 – check in, check out. Beginning to add Tier 3 – self-assessment (SAIG) targeted small group instruction.

Mrs. Thomas reported that she purchased more code and go mice and ordered more Ottobots. The upper grades are currently finishing up unit on digital citizenship. In December there will be Hour of Code – Mrs. Thomas plans to include it throughout the month.

6. Treasury Report

Received $951 Box Top check and $250 check from Wellmark employee parent. A request was received for a Dollars for Scholars donation. Treasurer Kelly Heuton recommended a $500 contribution. A motion to approve the $500 contribution was made by Jessica Sherwood and seconded by Amanda Luna.

7. Old Business:

Movie Night review. Sound system is not adequate. Mr. Muller suggested moving it to the cafeteria. Smaller space, better acoustics. After questionable behavior at the October event, we will add behavior instructions to the flyer for the next movie night. Parents required to attend with their children.

8. New Business: Kellie Keenan and Nicole Beck provided an update on Friday’s Fall Family Carnival. Volunteer needs: 3 more for 1st shift games, 4 more for 2nd shift games. 2 for bounce house 2nd shift. Clean up help. Mr. Muller reminded us to ask teachers to put away the markers to eliminate the possibility of damage to classroom white boards. Also, make sure all desks are off limits.

Minutes submitted by Lindsey Haley, secretary


Southeast Elementary PTO Meeting

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Co-President Lisa Little.

Members present: Lisa Little, Amanda Luna, Qwanna Mosley, Lisa Thomas, Jessica Duffy, Laura Hutzell, Lindsey Haley, Nicole Beck, Josh Beck, Kelly Hochstetler, Lauren DeVries, Sarah Barthole, Katie Schroeder, Christine Engelbrecht, Nichole Conner, Annie Antelman, Kelly Heuton, Janet Irlmeier, Kellie Keenan.

Reviewed September minutes. Kelly Heuton made a motion to approve the September minutes. Motion seconded by Laura Hutzell.

There was no Principal Time as Mr. Muller was out of town for a family funeral and Mrs. Ryan was absent.

Teacher Time: Mrs. Lisa Thomas is the new Digital Learning Teacher at Southeast. Her goal is to inspire the students of Southeast Elementary to be lifelong learners and lovers of literature. She shared her plans for the library, which included making sure we maintain and continue to build our book collection. The district will install new carpet and new paint in summer 2018. PTO fundraising efforts continue to support the conversation of our library into a space where students want to come and spend their time. A Maker’s Space will be created and a LEGO wall will be installed. Mrs. Thomas discussed the four coding robots that we currently have, including Code and Go Mouse, Otobots, and Spheroballs. There will be significant STEM inclusion into the maker’s space. Mrs. Thomas shared that the goal is to get kids interested in STEM when they’re young; problem solving and logical thinking are good skills that they can use no matter what career path they choose in the future. Mrs. Thomas said that there is a need to purchase more LEGOs. It was recommended that she create an Amazon wish list that we can share with Southeast families.

Mrs. Thomas needs Book Fair volunteers during conference time. An email will be sent to parents through the classroom teachers.

Treasurers Report was given by Treasurer Kelly Heuton. She reported that $11,119.05 was raised from the Color Walk fundraiser. 350 students participated – 53% of the student body.

The September Wendy’s Night was very successful; a $746.45 check was received.

Amanda Luna made a motion to approve the Treasurers Report and Janet Irlmeier seconded the motion.

Old Business included a debriefing on the Color Walk. Parent feedback included the feeling that students need longer to raise funds; that students should have something to give their donors in appreciation of their donation, for example a bookmark. There was a consensus that everyone likes having an event for the kids to participate in.

New Business Discussion on future events included conversation on setting a date for Mathnasium event, potentially organize a Science event in March. Possibility to combine the two will be discussed. A Papas and Pajamas event will be held again in April. Sarah Barthole and Lauren DeVries volunteered to organize a Mom and Me event in the spring.

Movie Night – Oct. 27. ‘Hocus Pocus’ will be the movie. Popcorn and water will be provided.

Fall Carnival – Nov. 10. Discussion on the pricing of activity wristbands and meal tickets. Event organizers Kellie Keenan and Nicole Beck suggested the activity wristbands be sold for $10 at the door and $8 in advance; meal tickets will be $5 at the door and $3 in advance.

Kellie share that four businesses she approached for Carnival donations offer Spirit Nights – Five Guys, Chick Fil A, Buffalo Wild Wings, Panda Express. We may explore doing more of these in the future, but for now we will stick with a once a month Wendy’s Night.

Fall Spirit Wear will be ordered through QB Studios. Two designs will be offered. Orders will be due at end of October.

Lauren DeVries and Laura Hutzell are arranging the Conference Meals for teachers. Tacos and pulled pork sandwiches will be served. Signup Genius links will go out soon asking parents to contribute.

Other business: Lisa Little shared that the school needs 2 volunteers for Picture Day on Thursday, Oct. 5. Nichole Conner volunteered to help.

Sarah Barthole made a motion to adjourn at 8:20 p.m. The motion was seconded by Kelly Heuton.

Minutes submitted by Lindsey Haley, secretary


Southeast Elementary PTO Meeting

September 5, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Co-President Amanda Luna.

Members present: Amanda Luna, Lacy Hepp, Abby Hubbard, Jessica Van Winkle, Janet Irlmeier, Annie Antelman, Sara Palmer, Cristine Engelbrecht, Kelly Hochstetler, Ben Muller, Kelly Heuton, Nicole Beck, Josh Beck, Sarah Barthole, Lauren DeVries, Laura Hutzell, Paula Reyhons, Brianne Moore, Laurel Quinn, Laura Ryan, Joy DeJong, Nichole Conner, Annie Lecaque, Lindsey Haley.


Amanda welcomed the group and commented on the outstanding attendance. Possibly the largest group we’ve had in several years.

Amanda shared a thank you note from Kona Ice for inviting them to Meet The Teacher Night, as well as thank you notes from teachers and staff for lunch provided during their August professional development day and the $100 Amazon gift cards.

Old Business

Review of May minutes. Motion to approve May minutes by Lacy Hepp. Motion seconded by Janet Irlmeier.
Review of June Executive Board meeting minutes. Motion to approve June minutes by Sara Palmer. Seconded by Amanda Luna.

Principal Time: Ben Muller

Mr. Muller thanked PTO for giving each teacher and staff member a $100 Amazon gift card at the beginning of the year to purchase specific items for their classrooms and/or students. Mr. Muller commented that he has noticed that several gift cards are being used to purchase books for classrooms.

Mr. Muller introduced English Language Learner teacher Laurel Quinn.

Southeast currently has 660 students. This is an increase, compared to 595 students last year. This resulted in 27 sections.

Mr. Muller informed the group of the February bond referendum for elementary school #11. This ‘Prairie Trail 2’ building will be located north of DMACC, south of Ankeny High School near the Kum & Go at Ankeny Blvd and Magazine Rd. This building will be larger than the other elementary buildings, intended to hold 750 students rather 650. He mentioned that four current elementary buildings are being added onto. This will add six additional classrooms to those schools.

Mr. Muller announced that Southeast has eight new staff members this year including a new librarian, coaches, teachers.

He pointed out the new mounted projectors that have been installed in all classrooms. This allows for better use of classroom space as the projector cart no longer needs to be out in the middle of the room. In addition, new Bluetooth microphones have been installed in each classroom. In other school districts this has proven to increase the attentiveness of kids. Muller shared that he expected the same results at Southeast.

Mr. Muller said that professional development this year will be focused on literacy. In previous years, teachers created their own instructional pieces. This year the district has adopted a new resource that will make literacy efforts uniform across all classrooms. There is also a new math screener being introduced in Ankeny School District. This is intended to give educators an early view of where our kids are at with their math abilities.

Teacher Presentation: ELL introduction by Laurel Quinn

Southeast now has 45 English speakers of other countries (including 5 kids don’t speak English)

These are the languages spoken at SE this year:
Chinese Mandarin
Liberian English

There is an average of 6-7 students per grade.

A question was raised about the availability of books focused on diversity for Southeast students. Mr. Muller said that the district is going to provide books that are bilingual. Ms. Quinn shared that there are a couple websites available to purchase these types of books. They are:

Parents expressed a concern and desire to include ELL families in PTO events. Ms. Quinn offered to encourage participation and would take RSVPs and provide translators. There was lengthy discussion on ways to get ELL families involved in SE activities. Suggestions included putting a diversity spin on the spring Papas & Pajamas literacy event; doing a World Day; reintroducing a carnival but putting a diversity spin on it.

Treasurers Report was reported by Treasurer Kelly Heuton. A motion to approve the treasurers report came from Laura Ryan, with the second from Amanda Luna.

Heuton presented the 2017-18 PTO Budget. Sarah Barthole made a motion to approve the budget, with a second from Sara Palmer.

New Business

Color Walk

Same as last year
Route around school, specials teachers spray students who want to be sprayed
Decision to skip the prize this year (no water bottle)
Packets will go home soon
A chart will be updated showing fundraising progress
Parent volunteers (signup genius link in newsletter to go out next week)

 Spirit Wear

Beginning of October
Looking for suggestions of designs
Consider adding Staff item
Can we get sample shirts for size reference?
Dri fit was recommended
Lindsey Haley made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded by Kelly Heuton.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Lindsey Haley, secretary